Call for EVS Applications in Bucharest, Romania


4 years ago we started our EVS adventure by applying for the first EVS project, Knowledge Builders. We hosted 18 volunteers in the last years and now we are looking for the next 6! This time a new story will be written. By you. By the community you will work with. By us. A story about why is it important to be active in society, which will be turned into reality in a very intensive 6 months Service in Bucharest, Romania.




Key Info

  • Project name and theme

    Building Our Story / Civic engagement of disadvantaged young people

  • Aim

    Empower European volunteers to become facilitators of social change and contribute to the social inclusion of Romanian young people with fewer opportunities by sustainably increasing their participation in society, focusing on the development of critical thinking, tolerance and socio-civic skills.

  • Location

    Bucharest, Romania

  • Service Duration

    01.10.2017 – 01.04.2018 (6 months)

  • Participating countries

    Germany, France, Italy (2 volunteers from each, 6 in total)

  • Involved Organizations

    The Young Initiative Association Romania (Coordinating, Hosting), Futuro Digitale Italy (Sending), Open Door International Germany (Sending), Concordia France (Sending)

The Young Initiative Association is a Romanian educational non-profit organization active on 3 main strategic pillars: Youth, Social, NGO Development. We were founded at the end of 2009 and we strive to provide young people with development opportunities for a society that is becoming more and more competitive on a global scale. We have a very wide selection of projects and activities which can appeal to a large number of potential EVS volunteers.


The project was submitted for Erasmus+ funding at the February 2nd deadline. It was APPROVED in May 2017.



Project Principles

  • Empowerment

    Personal and professional development of the volunteers through “learning by doing” and “learning by teaching”.

  • Flexibility

    Each volunteer is free to decide what they want to learn, how they want to learn and do it, according to their own needs.

  • Inclusion

    All project key components must ensure the inclusion of young people with fewer opportunities.

  • Support

    Support for the projects and activities of the Association, in accordance to the needs of the volunteers and of the Association.


What will you do as a volunteer?

  • Civic engagement activities for young people

    Plenty of activities to choose from! Starting from the launch of a Community Agents Programme for 50 high-school students, organising “Town Hall US-style” meetings, simulating the local council through the YMCA Youth Parliament method, developing a digital Community Involvement Toolkit, to workshops and much more.

  • Personal project

    You will be encouraged to develop an individual personal project that is unique to you, to your passions and interests. You choose the community, the methods, the idea and the solutions! Of course, as long as it fits the aim of the whole EVS project.


  • Workshops for institutionalised children

    Every week you will have the choice of organising small workshops with groups of 2-6 children or young people who are institutionalised and live in state-owned apartments, with the aim of developing their critical thinking skills and tolerance towards cultural diversity. 

  • Online awareness

    We live in a world where one tweet or one video can change lives. And civic engagement comes easier when you also use digital tools, so the project will put a strong emphasis on video-blogging and using social media to raise awareness and engage.



Financial package

  • What is covered

    You will have accommodation covered either in a private student housing or an apartment in Bucharest, with all utilities paid by the hosting organization. Your travel expenses will be covered for coming to Romania and going home, up to 275 euros in total. All international travel arrangements will be made directly by the hosting organization, so you will not have to pay up-front. Local/national travel will be reimbursed in maximum 10 days after arriving in Bucharest. Also, all project activities costs will be fully covered from the grant.

  • Allowance

    You will receive the following financial support each month: 125 euros for food expenses, 60 euros as “pocket money”, up to 20 euros for a monthly local transport card (as needed for each volunteer). For reference, the minimum wage in Romania is €230/month. Considering that volunteers receive a similar sum and all utilities plus rent are being paid for, the money is normally enough for covering living costs.




You should apply if:


  • You are passionate about empowering young people to become more interested and active in their communities and you have a strong interest in the activities presented above;

  • You are creative, dynamic, put a lot of passion in what you do and want to take things to the next level in a foreign country;

  • You are between 18 and 30 years old;

  • You are a citizen of Germany, France or Italy

  • You have not participated in a long-term EVS project before (more than 2 months);

  • You know English at a level that will allow you to engage in conversations and express your ideas freely, both verbally and in writing;

Please note that young people with fewer opportunities are strongly encouraged to apply.


Also check out what our former volunteers have experienced by reading their group blogs:


Application process

  • Online Applications

    Applications are made online by sending a CV (any format) in English, together with a personalized motivation letter which specifically addresses why you want to join this project and highlights your personality and uniqueness. They should be sent to .

  • Sending Organization validation

    We will make a short-list of candidates from the online applications, after which the sending organization from your country may choose to have a short interview with you so they can also recommend you officially.

  • Online interview

    If you get past the pre-selection process, we will invite you to an online/Skype discussion where we can clear all possible questions and which will enable to get to know each other better. A final decision will be taken shortly afterwards.




Apply here


  • Applications Status

    OPEN – Only applications from Italy and Germany are accepted at the moment. 

  • How to apply

    Please send your CV and personalised motivation letter to .



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