The Guide for EVS Volunteers

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  • Title

    David’s Guide to EVS Volunteers

  • Who is it for?

    Current and future EVS Volunteers, as well as EVS Coordinating, Hosting and Sending Organizations who are working or will work with volunteers. The Guide offers tips&tricks, methods, useful advice, all from the experience of an actual EVS Volunteer created especially for other EVS volunteers.

  • Publication Date

    September 20th 2016

  • Who is the author?

    David Herrera finished his EVS in Romania in September 2016, spending 11 months in Bucharest in the Young Initiative Association. Passionate and hard-working, he chose as his personal project the writing of…a book! A book which proves to be a very high-quality guide for other EVS volunteers, which is now offered for free.

Download the guide


In Romania we also offer the guide in printed version for free, with the condition of paying the delivery costs (23 lei). Organizations from Bucharest can pick it up for free from the Ion Creangă Library. Please contact us if you need the printed version.