Town Hall Meeting: Fall In Love with European Volunteering!


Are you interested in getting more involved in the community, and you would like to find out how you can make a difference, here or abroad? Do you want to discover what European volunteering is and how can you be part of it? Come get some inspiration from European volunteers and join the debate to explore your possibilities !




Key Info

  • Programme type

    Town Hall Meeting Dialogues (U.S concept, see below)

  • Speakers

    6 European volunteers from Germany, France and Italy doing their Service in Bucharest

  • Location

    Spatiul Public European, Bucharest

  • Date

    February 14th (Wednesday), 16:00 – 18:00

  • Number of participants


  • Organiser

    Asociatia Young Initiative, “Building Our Story” EVS project




What is a Town Hall Meeting?

  • Town Halls

    Town Hall meetings are an important tool for informing citizens about emerging issues, gauge where a community stands on certain subjects and serves as a place to identify and implement solutions to a problem. This type of event is usually used in the US or in the United Kingdom, and now we strive to organize our first town hall meeting in Romania. Town Halls bring together policymakers and their constituents, but also those who had a certain experience and those who are interested in talking directly about it.

  • How it will happen

    Town Halls are mostly about dialogue, so that is what you are encouraged to do while attending. The event will have a couple of personal stories shared in the first part, and then it will focus on a debate with the participants. This being said, you’re more than welcome to participate and share your own experience with volunteering.




Participants Profile

We invite you to apply for this meeting if:


  • You want to engage more in society, by being active in the nonprofit sector from Romania or abroad;
  • You are interested in volunteering and you would like to meet people who have done projects in this field;
  • You are between 15 to 30 years old, but if you’re really motivated to attend our event, age is not an important factor;
  • You commit to actively participate to the entire event.
  • You speak English at a conversational level (the meeting will take place in English);


Note: Participation to the programme is free. Registrations for the event will happen between 16:00 and 16:20. At 16:30 the event will start. Please arrive no later than 16:20.



Meet the Storytellers

Katia Bach

I am Katia from Toulouse, a city located in the south of France. Before I came to Bucharest, I studied psychology. After my EVS, I want to work in a primary school. In my free time I am reading books or meeting friends.

- Katia Bach EVS Volunteer, France
Antonio Scornaienchi

I’m Antonio from Italy, and before coming to Bucharest I used to write news for a sports journal. Beyond my university studies, I was a member of a student union, where I took an active role in the organization of cultural, sociological and political events like seminar, debates, book presentations, film screening and political discussions about international and internal issues.

- Antonio Scornaienchi EVS Volunteer, Italy
Lisa Seigneurie

Hey! I’m Lisa, I’m a 21 years old French girl. After three years of studying at university, I decided to become an EVS volunteer in Romania. Before, I volunteered in different ways. My main passion is traveling. In September I’ll go back to university to learn more about NGOs.

- Lisa Seigneurie EVS Volunteer, France
Loann Robin

I’m Loann and 23 years old. I’m from Nantes, a city in France. My passions are longboarding in the mountains, playing electronic music as a DJ and more. I studied marketing, business and languages. I came here to learn about myself, work with young people and improve my English.

- Loann Robin EVS Volunteer, France
Rebekka Kieck

My name is Rebekka and I am 19 years old. My hometown is near Frankfurt in Germany. I volunteered before in a Scout association, where I used to lead camps. Also, I facilitated ballet dance classes. My passions are music, theatre, dancing and painting.

- Rebekka Kieck EVS Volunteer, Germany
Heike Brunken

My name is Maxi and I am 19 years old. I come from East Frisia in Germany. Last summer I finished high school, since then I’m an EVS volunteer. I used to volunteer in Germany, for example I was leader in different camps for children and young people. Also I played in integration football clubs with refugees.

- Heike Brunken


Apply here


  • Deadline

    You can apply by using the online form until February 13th


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This activity takes place under the Building Our Story project, co-funded by the European Union through the Erasmus+ Programme. Full responsibility for the content of this webpage lies with the author.